The Art of Forming Relationships

The complexity in our work areas and structures is growing. At the same time, the need for orientation and connecting communication in companies and organizations is increasing.
The growing complexity in our area of life and work increases the need for orientation-giving and communication in companies and organizations.

Employees and managers are required to continuously develop their communication skills in order to fulfill the new requirements. Greater customer proximity and more personal responsibility lead to an increase in the ability to engage in dialog, resolve conflicts and so on. Globalization also requires more cross-cultural communication skills.

Through my programs and trainings, I support you in communicating appropriately and successfully in a wide variety of situations in your everyday professional life.

“Our communicative behavior has changed dramatically due to digital media and the growing complexity of life. Communication has become the most important connecting factor.”

Topic Communication

In these programs and trainings, you will learn how to communicate successfully in various situations, to design communication for the long term and to give feedback skilfully even under pressure.

Please choose your personal preference from the following topics:

Entry Level

Communication that works

How do I achieve the desired effect in my communication? In this training you learn methods that support you in your “influencing” strategy. Various building blocks are combined to create a successful communication strategy. Reflection work and techniques ensure that you learn to communicate content in a way that is target group oriented and appropriate to the occasion.

Employee Communication

Successful Employee Communication

You learn how to systematically and continuously develop employee communication as one of your most important leadership tools. Each opportunity to communicate with employees is reflected on in detail, analyzed and further developed. This can be a motivation meeting, a conflict meeting or a typical annual appraisal interview.

Resolving Conflicts

Communication and Conflict Management

The aim of good conflict communication is a win-win situation. You learn how to resolve conflicts successfully. How open and confrontational should a conflict be managed? Where and when is it a matter of “losing face”? How are “guilty parties” dealt with? What conflict resolution strategies are there? What role does communication play in this, and how is it applied?

Conversational Situation: Conversation Training for Difficult Situations

As a manager, you may have to conduct difficult conversations, deal with resistance, resolve conflicts or face difficult negotiations. Then, use our successful format of conversation simulation. In an extremely short time, you can prepare yourself for challenging communication situations. You will work with specially trained seminar actors and an experienced coach. In various phases, you practice achieving your goals through a simulation that is very close to reality.

Service and Sales

Successful Customer Communication

The starting point for good customer relations is successful, solution-oriented communication. You are trained in customer-oriented communication: how to present yourself to customers in a committed manner, to conduct solution-oriented discussions, and to deal with difficult customers. As a representative of your company, you learn how to position yourself and your company accordingly.


“People don’t buy products, they buy stories and magic” (Seth Godin). Storytelling plays a special role as a method in communication and brand staging. Which topics and contents are suitable? How do I turn them into exciting stories that capture the attention of the target group? How do I use dramaturgy and emotions? What does the audience take away as the core message? How do I use storytelling in a goal-oriented way?

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