Senior Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Growing up in French-speaking Switzerland, France and Germany, and thus, multiculturally influenced from the very beginning, I have been working in an across-border environment from an early age.

With a successful career as an executive in the public sector, in the management of large organisations, and as a communication expert and consultant in agencies, spanning over 30 years, my clients benefit from my comprehensive methodological expertise and wealth of experience.

  • Over 30 years as an independent consultant, trainer and coach
  • A decade of management positions in an international insurance group
  • Many years of experience as a consultant for cross-border project development
  • Long-time lecturer at the International Center for Culture & Management, Salzburg, Austria
  • Owner of the agency for communication and training MORITZ Communications since 2001
  • Over 20 years of experience as a moderator of events and business meetings
Michael Moritz

Education and Qualifications

  • Master´s Degree in Sociology and Social Psychology – Saarland University, Germany and Nantes University, France
  • Coaching Qualification – AXA Management Academy, Bordeaux, France
  • Business Coach International Certification – European Coaching Company, Germany
  • Systemic Team Coach Certification – Further Education Forum – Basel and Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Master´s Degree in Neurolinguistics Programing, Germany
  • Ongoing Advanced Training in Non-Verbal Communication and Supervision, Berkeley, USA
  • Certified in: Reflector Big Five Personality, 360 Degree Feedback, LIFO Behavioral Styles, Slow Moving Method, Scram Master

Branch Experience

Clients include:

  • Service and Trading Companies
  • Financial Service Providers | Insurance Companies
  • IT companies
  • Food Industry
  • Automotive Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies

I have worked in the following countries

Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Czech Republic, USA and China

Working Languages: German, English, French

Mindset and Methodology

I always see borders as an opportunity to grow and to discover new possibilities and perspectives. It doesn´t matter whether they are external or internal. To grasp, understand and overcome them means a developmental step that enriches our lives and makes them more fulfilling.

My approach to work is practical and solution-oriented. In this way, participants achieve positive results quickly and in a structured manner, assisting them to work sustainably in their individual environment and everyday working life. An approachable and appreciative interaction as well as open, peer – peer communication are important to me and form the basis for a trusting relationship.


Benefit from the diversity of my expertise in different industries

UCB Cares France, South Korea, India, China | Maria Galland France | DEUTSCHE ANLAGEN LEASING Germany | IGP France | SAMSUNG Germany | VIKING/STIHL Austria, Germany | ROECHLING AUTOMOTIVE Germany, Italy, China, USA | WÜRTH ELEKTRONIK Germany | WEBER MASCHINENBAU Germany | DUEST PHOTOTECHNIK Italy | WERSING FOOD FAMILY Germany | NESTLE Germany | GESIPA Germany | Deutsche Börse Luxemburg, Germany und Czech Republic | VAN HEES France | LVMH Germany | Baloise Switzerland | Dividella Switzerland | Pfeiffer Vacuum Germany | Scia Systems Germany |